Intentional Misuse: Live E.P.

1.      एक हजार सूरज (Live) *

(No Lyrics- Instrumental)

*  Listed on some sites as “This Is Not the Song Title, Form Would Not Allow Foreign Characters (Live)” due to an online distributor not allowing foreign characters in titles on albums listed as being in English.



2.      Carnem (Live)

She just found a little
Piece of a coked-out Jesus
She just fell into a
Den of slobbering sleazes
Screaming “What can we
Get out of you?”
She just had an epiphany
She just had a miscarriage

The Oracle was wrong
He sang the same old song
The flames rose up above
Consuming them in tedium

Every moving thing shall be for you to eat
Every moving creature shall be your meat

What are we but animals?
What are we but brutal beasts?
What are we but cannibals?
What are we but our own feasts?
Flesh and blood, bread and wine
This heathen’s flesh tastes so divine

He drew her in with his pheromones
She lulled him in with her siren-song enchantments
Kept him with a pit-bull grip of opiates
She introduced him to her daily bread
And then she went
She went and died in his bed

She went and got her revenge
She went and died in his bed
Just count up to ten
‘Til you flat-line again
She went and got her revenge
She went and died in his bed
Just count down from ten
‘Til you flat-line again
La-la La La La La
La-la La La La La



3.      Somnium (Live)


(No Lyrics- Instrumental)


4.      I – Stargazing​@​Noon, II – Compliance (Live)


I – Stargazing@Noon

As he set his foot
Upon the railing
He flicked his cigarette
To the river below
And his thoughts drifted off
To a time long ago

Walking through the wreckage
Making weak attempts to salvage
Something with a smile
Oh, you think it’s worth your while?
But remember, you burned your
Retinas staring at the sun

Eyes are calloused shut
We wander aimlessly
Kicking rocks with
Hopes for gold
Learned to ignore the harshness
The harshness of the cold

Put out your lanterns
The night’s end draws to a near
Gather your cameras
And all who you know
To gawk at the spectacle
Of a man who can fly

The threat’s in the sky
And it looms over head
The target’s the sun
That never goes down
Don’t hesitate, boy
Prove you can fly


II – Compliance