Okay, It’s been awhile since I have posted a blog on here, so I fingered I would do that now. Since there is content to share.
I recently performed a show at The Pop-up Art Gallery in Salem, OR, and it was the first show I had played in just over a year (not counting the very occasional open mic).
I would like to thank Ross Swartzendruber, the president of Salem Creative Network, operator of the venue/show host (Ross, if you see this, contact me if you have any corrections for your title, lol), and Herd William, one of the other performers at the show. These guys captured video during my set, and between the two, they captured a good percentage of the audio/video from my set and shared it via social media.
If you want to check out the videos, just go to here and you will find them.



I have posted a brand new song from the performance on Friday. This is not the never before heard one I advertised before the show…that song was only for people who showed up, but hey, this song is new to anyone who hasn’t been to a show. However, like that song, this one will also be on the upcoming Intentional Misuse album, Sybil The Soothsayer, and it is called “Carnem”.
Anyway, the show was an open mic, and at the last minute, I was joined by Travis Nutsch on cello, and one of the other performers joined for part of the song on congas (I did not catch your name, so I apologize for not crediting you by name/providing links…get in contact via the facebook page if you’d like that changed).


Hope y’all enjoy.


This Friday. Barring unforeseen circumstances/emergencies, I will be playing a stripped down set at this event. You don’t want to miss this as I will be debuting a brand new song that only one person, other than myself, has ever heard. Also, it’s the day before my 30th womb-eviction anniversary, so you kind of have to come.





Otay, just a quick update to invite you, the person reading this (for whatever reason), to check out the image gallery. I just updated it with more images from the show that you may remember me performing at back in May at The Triangle in Salem, OR. Thanks to Aaron Nash (northwestmonthlies.com) for taking the photos and for booking me that night.

Also, James Cachero (Sarcastic Music) got video footage of my set that night and recently uploaded video featuring clips from my set to his youtube page. I just linked to it in the video section. Hope you enjoy!













Happy Holidays!

Happy Revenge of the Fifth! Also, a belated May the Fourth Be With You, and a preemptive Merry Revenge of the Sixth to you all! Anyway, whether you are a Sith, Jedi, Knight of Ren, bounty hunter, small-time spice smuggler, Alderaanian princess, annoying Gungan, (sorry droids, I have no clue whether or not The Triangle serves your kind or not, or if their patrons want you there, so you may end up having to wait outside) or whatever, you should come to this show later this month!

Oh, and not only is it free, I may also be giving away free goody-bags during my set! Not saying what will be in said bags as you will have to find out for yourself, but it could be money, it could be candy, it could be stickers, it could be lotion, hotel mini-bar-of-soap, a new toothbrush (because oral hygiene-and sex-are important), it could be a flashdrive with music loaded on to it, it could be a naked picture of Sarah Palin, it could be a joint, it could be a tampon (used or otherwise…any ladies willing to contribute, see me before show) or it could be a good ol’ fashioned nugget of catshit! My landlords have three cats, so that last one could be a real possibility! It all depends on the bag you get and my mood/budget when filling them!


April Fools!

Disregard previous post. Anyway, I am going to go musically masturbate with my fully armed (or in this case…fingered?) and operational left hand, and then go to bed. In other words, I’m going go play guitar and go to bed.

Happy Holidays!