Last Night….

Soooo…Last night was pretty awesome. If you weren’t there, you should have been.

Anyway, I will be updating the images section of the site soon, so…keep checking back!



Happy Holidays!

Happy Revenge of the Fifth! Also, a belated May the Fourth Be With You, and a preemptive Merry Revenge of the Sixth to you all! Anyway, whether you are a Sith, Jedi, Knight of Ren, bounty hunter, small-time spice smuggler, Alderaanian princess, annoying Gungan, (sorry droids, I have no clue whether or not The Triangle serves your kind or not, or if their patrons want you there, so you may end up having to wait outside) or whatever, you should come to this show later this month!

Oh, and not only is it free, I may also be giving away free goody-bags during my set! Not saying what will be in said bags as you will have to find out for yourself, but it could be money, it could be candy, it could be stickers, it could be lotion, hotel mini-bar-of-soap, a new toothbrush (because oral hygiene-and sex-are important), it could be a flashdrive with music loaded on to it, it could be a naked picture of Sarah Palin, it could be a joint, it could be a tampon (used or otherwise…any ladies willing to contribute, see me before show) or it could be a good ol’ fashioned nugget of catshit! My landlords have three cats, so that last one could be a real possibility! It all depends on the bag you get and my mood/budget when filling them!